Winners 2019

Here you can see all the 2019 ScanStar winners from the competition organized by Norway

11 packages awarded ScanStar 2019
During the jury meeting 12.-13. June in Oslo 11 packages were selected for the ScanStar 2019 Award. A total of 20 packages were entered the competition and the level was high.

Typical for this year’s ScanStar competition were entries replacing plastic packaging, reducing food loss and contributing to more effective transportation logistics.

The jury had no easy job selecting the winners who will be awarded their ScanStars at Emballasjedagene at Scandic Park Sandefjord on 14 November 2019 at 16:15-16:45 pm

ScanStar is held by the Scandinavian Packaging Association and alternates between the Nordic member countries. The competition has been arranged every year since 1969. This means that ScanStar turns fifty years in the same year as The Norwegian Packaging Association, the host of ScanStar 2019.

Winners of the ScanStar competition are entitled to enter the WorldStar competition to compete with hundreds of packages from all over the world


ScanStar Winners 2019

APak AB  Sweden

Packaging:                     The Eco Box
Producer:                       Billerud Korsnäs
Designer:                       Apak AB and Arvid Nilssson AB
Contstructed by:             Apak AB abd Kafab Förpakning AB
Packaging user:              Kafab Förpackning AB
Packaging material:        Carton
Application:                    Water proof box for transporting and storing screws

APak AB, Sweden

Packaging:                     Protector Bags
Producer:                       Mondi Trebsen GmbH
Designer:                       Mondi Trebsen GmbH and Apak AB
Constructed by:              Mondi Trebsen GmbH
Packaging user:              Volvo Group Trucks Operations
Packaging material:         Paper and tissue liner
Application:                    Transport packaging for automotive door panels                   

ClipLok, Sweden

Packaging:                     ReRack                                                                        
Producer:                      ClipLok SimPak
Designer:                      Katrine Skovbjerg Cardellino
Constructed by:             Gustaf Folling
Packaging user:              Automotive and Aeronautical industry
Packaging material:        Steel
Application:                   Heavy parts and equipment

DS Smith FINLAND, Finland

Packaging:                     Fridge Box for potatoes
Producer:                       DS Smith
Designer:                       Jyrki Valkama and Maarit Mäkinen
Constructed by:              Jyrki Valkama
Packaging user:              Tuorekartano Oy
Packaging material:        Corrugated board with PE barrier 
Application:                    Environmentally friendly packaging for fresh potatoes replacing traditional plastic bags

Fimtech AS, Norway

Packaging:                      Push & Dose Sprinkling device
Producer:                        Fimtech AS
Designer:                        Dag H. Gundersen
Constructed by:               Lennart Backlund
Packaging user:               Dag H. Gundersen
Packaging material:         PET/elastomeric rubber 
Application:                    Controlled sprinkling of powder and granulated products from pouches

Glomma Papp AS, Norway

Packaging:                      Frying pan transport packaging
Producer:                        Glomma Papp AS
Designer:                        Knut Hildebrandt
Constructed by:               Knut Hildebrandt
Packaging user:               Group SEB
Packaging material:         Corrugated board 
Application:                    Transport and display box for frying pans                                          

Moltzau Packaging AS, Norway

Packaging:                     Carton board packaging for blueberries
Producer:                       Moltzau Packaging AS
Designer:                       Bama AS
Constructed by:              Lars Christian Faukland-Martinsen
Packaging user:              Bama Trading 
Packaging material:        Virgin fibre cartonboard, barrier of PE, window foil BOPP Transparent film
Application:                    Packaging for fruit and berries replacing existing plastic packaging                          

Mondi/Packoplock, Sweden

Packaging:                     SizeMe Mailer
Producer:                       Mondi Warzawa
Designer:                       Michał Ryfiński
Constructed by:              Michał Ryfiński
Packaging user:              Packoplock 
Packaging material:        Corrugated Board E-flute
Application:                    Transport packaging for e-stores that can be adapted to products of different sizes 


Plus Pack AS, Denmark

Packaging;                      Ready2Cook Snack Size grill container
Producer:                        Plus Pack AS
Designer:                        Bent Egelund
Constructed by:               Bent Egelund
Packaging user:               The food industry and consumers at home
Packaging material:          High quality aluminium mono-material with 40-45% recycled content
Application:                     Retail in the Netherlands. May be heated in ovens and grills at home

Smurfit Kappa, Sweden/Norway

Packaging:                      A bright Idea
Producer:                        Smurfit Kappa Sverige-Norge
Designer:                        Tobias Möller
Constructed by:               Tobias Möller
Packaging user:               IFÖ Electrics 
Packaging material:         Corrugated Board 
Application:                     Consumer packaging for lighting products 

Stora Enso Packaging,  Finland

Packaging:                      Corrugated board packaging for Artisan ice cream
Producer:                        Van Genchten Packaging, Hungary
Designer:                        Outi Honkavaara, Stora Enso Packaging, Finland
Constructed by:               Outi Honkavaara, Stora Enso Packaging, Finland
Packaging user:               Vanhan Porvoon Jäätelotehdas, Porvoo, Finland
Packaging material:         Corrugated Board E-flute
Application:                    Transport and sales packaging for bulk ice cream


The jury of ScanStar 2019:

Denmark:                       Lasse Lavrsen, Toms Gruppen
Finland:                          Hanna Koivula, Helsinki University
Sweden:                         Sandra Pousette, RISE
Norway:                         Ole Anton Bakke, Jotun
Press representative:       Bo Wallteg, nord emballage
SPA-observator:              Antro Säilä, Pakkaus
Arranger:                        Kari Bunes, Emballasjeforeningen
Jury Chairman:              Per Øyvind Nordberg