Winners 2018

Here you can see the winners of the 2018 Scanstar competition held in Denmark.

This year’s competition had 23 entries from all Scandinavian countries and of these eight were awarded with a ScanStar.

Of this year’s entries Finland had 11, making it the largest contributor and the quality of the entries is shown in the number of awards.

The jury finds that the overall level of the entries was high, most entries this year were consumer packaging. Surprisingly there were only a few e-commerce solutions competing.

Sustainability and convenience continued to be trends as packaging aspects for the entries. Fiber based packages were dominating whereas there were just a few plastic solutions compared to previous years.

The jury appreciates packaging solutions which offer protection and functionality, good user experience, give information, are sustainable and easy to dispose.

Chairman of the jury of the competition was Søren R. Østergaard from the Danish Technological Institute, Plastics and Packaging Technology (Denmark). Jury members were Lasse Lavrsen, Toms Gruppen (Denmark), Sandra Pousette, RISE Bioeconomy (Sweden), Ole Anton Bakke, Jotun A/S (Norway) and Markus Joutsela, Aalto University (Finland). Allan Malmberg, Editor-in-Chief Plast Panorama (Denmark) was press representative.

ScanStar is a joint Nordic packaging competition held annually since 1969 by the Scandinavian Packaging Association SPA. The competition is open for all packaging solutions designed, constructed or manufactured in one of the Nordic countries. ScanStar 2018 was organized by the Danish Technological Institute, Plastics and Packaging Technology in Taastrup, where the jury was gathered.

The ScanStar award will be presented at the FoodTech Fair in Herning, Denmark on 13 November 2018.

The eight winners are:

SCA Forest Products AB - Hernö Gin & Tonic Kit (Sweden)

Producer: The Archwise Licensee

Designer: Mattias Bodell, Arcwise Design Lab, SCA, Ella Järlehag, Arcwise Design Lab, SCA and Maria Åman, Hernö Gin AB

Packaging user:  Hernö Gin AB

Type of packaging: Consumer packaging

The packaging will stand out on the shelf due to the unique shape. The locking mechanism is clever as it provides a divider between the bottles inside, but it also makes it a bit difficult to open. The packaging is easy and pleasant to carry due to the quality of the handle and the shape of the box. The jury find that it is a clever use of corrugated board creating a shape, which has a strong potential for branding.


Adara Pakkaus Oy – Recyclable cups collecting container (Finland)

Producer: Adara Pakkaus Oy

Designer: Kaisa Pietilä

Packaging user:  Kotkamills

Type of packaging: Consumer packaging, transportation/distribution packaging

This packaging can bring order to cup chaos as it provides a possibility for collecting used cups in an organized manner. It is a good systemic solution for waste management of cups for recycling. The whole solution of cups and collection container is completely recyclable as there is no plastic used. The container provides good possibilities for branding and communicating about sustainability of the plastic free cups.


DS Smith Packaging AB – 2Way e-commerce (Sweden)

Producer: DS Smith Packaging Sweden AB

Designer: David Engelbrektsson

Packaging user: E-commerce

Type of packaging: Consumer packaging, transportation/distribution packaging

This smart inside-out packaging solution is for product shipment and returns in e-commerce. The clever on-piececorrugated board structure can be folded both ways effortlessly. It could, however, have a small pictogram for folding instructions. Shows a lot of potential for gifting and branding. Communicates that it is a sustainable solution.



Jospak Oy – board-based tray (Finland)

Producer: Jospak Oy

Designer: Tray is designed by Jospak Oy, Artwork is designed by Pouttu Oy

Packaging user: Pouttu Oy

Type of packaging: Consumer packaging

The design takes into consideration visual communication, material use and recycling. Instructions on the bottom of the packaging facilitate recycling. The easy separation of the film and fibers makes source separation simple. The jury finds that opening instructions and the opening mechanism can still be improved. The overall design supports the impression of a sustainable packaging.


DS Smith Finland – Refresco tray - transportation package for beverages (Finland)

Producer: DS Smith Finland

Designer:  Jyrki Petrelius

Packaging user:  Retailers

Type of packaging: Transportation/distribution packaging

Simple and effective use of corrugated board to stabilize the pallet – interlocking die-cut which fits and protects the caps of the beverage packages. Clever minimalistic design that reduces the amount of materials to be used. Can be used for mixed pallets - both for transport and display. Is made of recycled material which is sustainable. Functional – a good idea.



Sulapac Oy – Kohinoor jewelry packaging (Finland)

Producer: Sulapac Oy in cooperation with Kultakeskus Oy

Designer: Ilkka Harju

Packaging user: Kultakeskus Oy

Type of packaging: Consumer packaging

Sustainable packaging made of FSC-certified wood and natural binders. The packaging looks elegant and is nice to handle. The packaging is completely biodegradable and can be produced and used on existing production lines. The packaging gives added value to the products. The jury finds that it is a very nice solution and a perfect fit for luxury products and brands with ecological values.



MULTIVAC A/S – 2-layer sliced meat packaging (Denmark)

Producer: MULTIVAC A/S

Designer: MULTIVAC A/S

Packaging user: Rema 1000

Type of packaging: Consumer packaging

It is a packaging solution that minimizes food waste due to the two separate layers which provides the consumer with a longer shelf life of the sliced meat. After opening the first layer, the sliced meat has a shelf life of five days, whereas the second layer maintains its shelf life of 30 days. The impact of the food waste is much higher than the extra use of plastic which is good for the environment.



Glomma Papp AS – “Smartcorner” (Norway)

Producer: Glomma Papp AS

Designer: Naug & Venner og Ulf Peter Lande (Glomma Papp)

Packaging user:  Joh. Johansen

Type of packaging:  Other type of packaging

The “Smartcorner” helps to present the products in a different way – the display pack can build different shapes in the stores and provides good product exposure and branding. It gives a lot of possibilities for placement in the store. Playful shape made from corrugated board.