Winners 2017

Here you can see the winners of the 2017 Scanstar competition held in Finland.


Ten Scanstar prizes awarded

Ten Scanstar prizes have been awarded in this years Scanstar competition. There were 22 package solution entries in the competition from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Quality of entries were really high in this year’s competition, says the jury. Jury also remarks with pleasure that the number of entries rose some 40 percent from last year’s competition. 

”We have seen entries from all Scandinavian countries. There was a broad range of good possibilities to choose from. This shows that the know-how in the packaging industry is very high in the Nordics,” says the jury.

The jury is also delighted that the packaging industry in Scandinavia is focusing on end user functionality and user experience. Also, Nordic packaging industry is focusing on responsibility and environmental aspects. The jury remarks that the packaging has to be functional for the whole value chain: a package must offer protection and functionality, give information, be sustainable and easy to dispose.

For the jury one entry was above all others. The jury nominated Atria’s modern vacuum package for fresh minced meat as their first choice.

Scanstar is a joint Nordic packaging competition held annually since 1969 by the Scandinavian Packaging Association SPA. The competition is open for all packaging solutions designed, constructed or manufactured in one of the Nordic countries. Scanstar 2017 was organized by Finnish Packaging Association in Helsinki, where the jury was gathered.

Chairman of the jury of the competition was managing director Antro Säilä from Finnish Packaging Association. Jury members were Lasse Lavrsen, Toms Gruppen (Denmark), Allan Dickner, IKEA (Sweden, not present), Ole Anton Bakke, Jotun (Norway) and Markus Joutsela, Aalto University (Finland). In addition Søren Rahbek Østergaard (Denmark) acted as an observer for SPA and Johanna Nikunen (Finland) as a press representant.


Prize award ceremony of the competition will be held in Packaging Summit in Lahti, Finland on November 29th, 2017. A packaging awarded a Scanstar has a right to enter the international WorldStar competition arranged by World Packaging Organisation (WPO).


Scanstar 2017 winners:

APak: Simple Sphere

Very efficient transport packaging solution for delivering car parts. This cost efficient solution is easy to work with, you don’t need tools to open it and also the handling system is good and modern. The package saves storage space when not erected and also when filled with the car parts. Packaging material is good for recycling, it’s mainly cardboard and parts made from VCI and plastic foam are easy to take away. The package also improves ergonomics.

Producer: APak ab and Mondi Wellpappe Ansbach GMBH
Designer: APak ab and Mondi Wellpappe Ansbach GMBH
Packaging user: Volvo Car Cooperation
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AR Carton Oy: Orion Sileo Child Resistant packaging

Child proof packaging for gel to alleviate noise anxiety for dogs. This is a child proof packaging with good mechanics and functionality and it is something the members of the jury haven’t seen before. The idea of this one-piece packaging is clever, simple and elegant and can be packed automatically.

Producer: AR Carton Oy
Construction designer: Susanna Sotka
Packaging user: Orion Oyj
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Atria: Modern vacuum package for fresh minced meat

The vacuum plastic solution represents something totally new in the industry. It is simple, elegant and well working. The vacuum package is made from flexible film, it saves material and doesn’t take much space while transporting, on a shop shelf, in the fridge or trash bin. It represents also efficient use of existing machinery.

This package is the jury’s first choice in Scanstar 2017 competition and it convinced the jury in all interaction points.

Producer: Atria
Construction designer: Packdesign ID
Packaging user: Atria
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Eltete TPM: The Box solution for heavy-duty export

Package is designed to transport light or heavy-duty products. Products are easy to load and unload in this single, fiber-based material solution. It is delivered in flat kit form, which saves space, and it is easily built without tools. It represents good use of properties of honeycomb.

Producer: Eltete T PM
Construction designer: Eltete TPM
User: Several customers
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Glomma Papp: New self tray solution with cover for Skyr can

Excellent solution for retail packaging which increased brand visibility. The construction of the tray is rigid, flip release system is easy to use and it works well mechanically. The tray is elegant and protects the product really well. Double triagular base design is something that has never been seen before.

Producer: Glomma Papp AS
Construction designer: Kelly Eldor Hakkebo
Packaging user: Q-meierine
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Plus Pack: Embossing on aluminum containers

Embossing in aluminum food containers is a new idea in this packaging application and technically it is not easy to make. The technique offers new kind of visibility to brand owners in 3D. The container is rigid even without the embossing but the embossing gives it extra strength.  

Producer: Plus Pack AS
Construction designer: Bengt Egelund
Packaging user: Food industry
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Plus Pack: ZEN Selection platter

User friendly platter for tapas or salads is made from sustainable material, PP Chalk. More than half of the raw material comes from natural minerals so the package’s environmental factor is positive. The design of the thermoformed and versatile platter is nice, and it is easy to use. Haptic feeling is also pleasant.  It is a good standard solution with a low environmental impact.

Producer: Plus Pack AS
Construction designer: Plus Pack AS
User: Packaging distributors and industrial food customers
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Pyroll: Renewable egg box to replenish fish stock

New biodegradable idea of egg box helps to recreate a self sustaining population of migratory fish in river habitats. The package is a clever, alternative use of cardboard, which creates no waste. It is a simple solution for environmental challenge, and it does a good job in decades of time. Carton package can also be delivered flat, which adds value.

Producer: Pyroll Group Py
Construction designer: Manu Vihtonen, Teemu Jormanainen
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Stora Enso Packaging: New packaging concept for cardboard lights

Transport and sales packaging for cardboard lights represents excellent performance of corrugated board. It is nicely designed and all surfaces of the package are in use. The one piece package solution is well made in general and even minor details are thought out and give something extra for user experience. Good craftmanship. 

Producer: Stora Enso Packaging Oy
Construction designer: Miia Vettenranta
Packaging user: Andbros Oy
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Valio house brand 1 litre gable top milks: Tetra Rex Bio-Based

Fully plant based raw materials are replacing conventional gable top packages in all Valio house brand 1 liter packages. The raw material has been changed for the right reasons and that shows a step towards the right direction. It is a green choice that is based in a long term sustainability project.

Producer: Tetra Pak
Packaging user: Valio
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