Winners 2016

Here you can see all the 2016 ScanStar winners from the competition organized by Norway

Eight winners of the ScanStar 2016 Packaging Award

During the jury meeting in Copenhagen on the 28th and 29th June, eight packaging entries were awarded the ScanStar 2016.

There were 14 entries to this year’s ScanStar competition: Five from Sweden, four from Finland, three from Norway and two from Denmark.

The winners are:

  • Apetit Finland

    Dette billede forestiller en plastemballage fra firmaet Apetit i Finland - det er en ScanStar 2016 vinderemballage 
    Consumer packaging – PET tray with a breathing lid
    Jury remarks: Increased shelf life and freshness with a film lid that breathes and protects the food. A transparent packaging that communicates freshness. Convenient, simple and elegant.

  • DS Smith Sverige

    Mariestad transport packaging in corrugated board for truck hubs
    Jury remarks: A good and complete solution that seems very robust. It is stackable – four packages can be put on top of each other – instead of three. Easy to open. A really thought through solution that will work well in the entire packaging chain.

  • RPC Superfos Danmark


    Consumer packaging - Twistcup with screwlid – thermorformed cup with glass jar function
    Jury remarks: Thermo formed packaging opens up for new shapes and design advantages. The packaging is stackable and easy opened, and it will work well in the shop shelfs and in the customers’ homes.  Good presentation and easy open. Mechanically good.
  • Moltzau Norge

    Cefapak consumer packaging – carton blister with a plastic bubble
    Jury remarks: Easy to open, made of carton instead of plastic. User friendly and works well both for the customer and for the environment. May be opened without tools. Simplistic and technically elegant.
  • SCA Forrest Products Sverige

    Vasarinken-Tray for 24 PET-bottles with rounded made of corrugated board
    Jury remarks: Good appearance. Rounded corners on corrugated packaging is something new. And since the packaging is made of corrugated board, the printing quality is also excellent. The ice rink can be used for playing afterwards. This is more like a consumer packaging than a transport packaging. The technique with rounded corners gives new possibilities for other products and interesting presentations.
  • Smurfit Kappa Danmark

    Transport packaging made of EB corrugated board for Icopal
    Jury remarks: A simple packaging that functions well and saves materials and costs, while at the same time maintaining its ability to protect the product
  • Stora Enso Finland


    EcoFishBox – transport packaging for fresh and processed fish – corrugated board with moisture barrier
    Jury remarks: Replacing EPS and is recyclable and sustainable. Space saving during transportation and in stock The packaging has a moisture barrier on both liners. Good printing possibilities. Looks more premium, it adds value to the product.
  • Smurfit Kappa Norpapp, Norge

    SigmaFold Insert – transport packaging for chairs – corrugated board replacing EPS
    Jury remarks: A good solution that replaces EPS in a good way. A recyclable and sustainable solution, but in fact just an inlay that is a part of the complete packaging. Saves money and space with a mono-material that is 100 percent recyclable. This is an important part of the packaging and a great innovation.

The ScanStar 2016 jury members:
Lasse Lavrsen, Toms Gruppen, Denmark
Janne Hautala, Atria Finland Ltd, Finland
Allan Dickner, IKEA, Sweden (not present)
Åsne Ådland-Dale, O. Kavli AS, Q-Meieriene AS, Norway
SPA-observer: Antro Säilä, The Finish Packaging Association, Finland
Trade press: Per Øyvind Nordberg, Emballasjeforeningen/Packnews, Norway
Chairman of the Jury: Kari Bunes, Emballasjeforeningen, Norway

from left: Antro Säilä, Lasse Lavrsen, Janne Hautala, Kari Bunes, Åsne Ådland-Dale and Per Øyvind Nordberg


The ScanStar competition alternates between the Nordic countries, and this year Norway is the organizer. The ScanStar prize ceremony will be at Emballasjedagene in Sandefjord, Norway on the 3rd November 2016.