Winners 2015

Here you can see the ScanStar 2015 winners from the competition organized by Sweden

The discussions were as usual many and long for the jury on the entries in this year ScanStar competition. The jury gathered outside Stockholm in mid-September to review the 28 recipient contributions. Several companies had submitted more than one entry in the competition.

Also this year there was a certain dominance of fiber-based contributions in the competition, but what else can you expect from a Nordic competition? Both new innovations and variations on older, were part of the contributions. The jury was confronted with everything from innovative carton packaging, new bags of polymeric materials for different types of cups. Of course you can not compare these packages with each other because they are so different - each package must be assessed for itself.

- We had both industrial and consumer food packaging, display and transport and logistics to judge, and it was an interesting span, says Anders Engström from Intressentforeningen Packforsk, who was chairman of this year's competition.

- Maybe it was the year's two high jumpers partly a transport packaging with very small adjustments got an extra protective function for a food or resealable e-commerce package that was most exciting, but it is up to the individual to determine what you feel is best among the winners.

In the jury were besides Anders Engström also Allan Dickner from IKEA, Ole-Kristian Vestbekken of Mills in Norway, Lasse Lavrsen of Toms Gruppen in Denmark, Bo Wallteg Northern Packaging Magazine in Sweden and Marie Hiltunen from Stora Enso in Finland. SPA-observer was Kari Bunes from Emballasjeforeningen in Norway, which organizes the competition next year. SPA is the merger of packaging associations in the Nordic countries.

It should be added that one of the contributions to the competition was submitted by Stora Enso and on the assessment of this contribution Marie Hiltunen did not participate.

The jury was fairly harsh in it’s assessment of this year's contributions. Nine of the contributions received a ScanStar and have the opportunity to participate in the WorldStar competition.

The winners are:

 Clip-Lok SimPak

Company: Clip-Lok SimPak, Denmark
Was rewarded with a ScanStar for its new, user-friendly solution for heavy loads. The smart solution may be opened and closed without tools, making it possible to easily distinguish between different materials for subsequent recycling. The solution is reusable and eliminates the need for nails or staples. In addition the boxes can be stored plain


Ruutu Packaging for Ittala

Company: Pyroll Oy, Finland
Was rewarded with a ScanStar for a design that highlights the product, which is packed. It is an eye-catching gift packaging with material and print quality in line with the brand image. The shape allows for various options for display


Packaging to the floor drain

Company: Orapac, Finland
Is rewarded with a ScanStar in recognition of a resource-effective solution with excellent display of the product and integration of related information.


 Safe Storage Corner

Company: Smurfit Kappa, Sweden
This packaging is awarded a ScanStar of the jury in recognition of a technical design modification of a cardboard box where the protection is reinforced in a very simple and cost effective manner. The big advantage is that the solution reduces product damage and food waste. The solution can be used for many other purposes.


 Tork Carry Box

Company: DS Smith, Sweden
Tork Carry Box is awardedt a ScanStar for its well-designed construction with a well though-out solution that takes into account the daily use and ergonomics. Of particular interest is the folding of the box through the new grip on the bottom of it. Easy to open, easy to carry and easy to recycle.


Nomad Takheis

Company: Peterson Packaging AS, Norway
The Jury awards this packaging a ScanStar for construction of the insertion, which consists of a part that effectively locks and protects the product. All parts of its structure is of the same material, which makes recycling easier. The utilization of the material is optimized.


 Mail package with return opportunities

Company: Glomma Papp, Norway
The Jury awards this packaging a ScanStar for a solution to one of the biggest challenges in e-commerce, using a transport packaging that can also be used for return shipments. This solution enables the customer to seal the transport packaging without using tape or other sealing materials. Package integrity is very high in both transport directions.


 Valio Eila Cream Pudding

Company: RPC Superfos a / s, Denmark
The Jury awards this packaging a ScanStar for a new and innovative solution. It is a package of "added value" that creates a new way to serve the content on. The package creates an interaction between the consumer and the brand. It is a functional innovation and a step towards greater ease of use. How to serve is clearly described. The result is a neat arrangement on the plate.


On the go Easy Snacking

Company: RPC Superfos, Denmark
The Jury awards this packaging a ScanStar for a new, elegant, square design that meets the requirements for a packaging for the "on-the-go" market. A complete solution that works. Lock function is an added advantage that makes it easy to stack package, which saves space both on the shelves and during transportation. A well balanced design, where the shape combines the best of round and square alternatives. In Mould Labelling provides a very smooth surface, and it is easy to access spoon and content. It is a complete solution.


You can find the press release about the ScanStar 2015 winners here:

Tuff jury gav nio tilmeldte bidrag en ScanStar - Innventia

ScanStar 2015 vindere

Tuff jury gav nio tavlingsbidrag en ScanStar - Innventia