Winners 2010

Here you can see all the ScanStar 2010 winners from the competition organized by Finland

Scanstar 2010: 7 prizes in the Nordic packaging competition

This yeas’s Nordic Scanstar-packaging competition attracted 14 participants from Denmark, Finland and Norway, none from Sweden. The jury awarded the Scanstar prize to seven packages. The winners got their awards in a ceremony during the PacTec-exhibition in Helsinki Fair Centre 21.9.2010.

The Scandinavian Packaging Association SPA arranges the Scanstar competition every year, the competition rotates between Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. This year the practical arrangements were taken care of by the Finnish Packaging Association.

The jury that represents the expertise of Nordic packaging branch took a strict line. The members hoped that in the future the participants would pay more attention to how they describe their entry: for instance what is new, how the package differs from previous solutions and other similar packages.

The packages that now received a Scanstar were innovative and many of them make a consumer’s life more convenient.

Denmark got 1 Scanstar, Finland 2 and Norway got 4 Scanstars.

The winners

K-Bag for fruits
Patent owner and design: Folie Invest AS, Kjell Løvold; Norway
Manufacturer: Bengt Lundin AB
User: Norgesgruppen

In supermarkets’ fruit counters getting the thin plastic bags open is often a very difficult task. People blow into them or spit on their fingers to rub the bag open. The patented, slightly asymmetrically folded K-Bag opens just by pulling it from the sides in opposite directions. The bags have received recommendations from the Norwegian and Swedish Rheumatism Associations.

This is a truly working solution to an everyday problem. 


Nonstop multipack

Manufacturer: Maskinpakking AS, Norway
Design: Per Anders Berge, Hans Willemsen
User: Kraft Foods AS

Sweets are often sold in bags of 250 grams which is rather much to eat at once. The sweets tend to roll out of the opened bag if you try to carry it along for instance in a car. Nonstop multibag contains 8 sachets containing 30 grams sweets. Now you can take along a small amount of sweets and carry it neatly for instance in a handbag.

Both the multibag and the sachets are easy to open and have an attractive design.


VistoPac with grill insert

Manufacturer: Plus Pack AS, Denmark
Design: Plus Pack, Bent Egelund
User: food industry

VistoPac was originally designed for cold food like the traditional Danish smørrebrød. Now there is also a perforated aluminium tray as insert so the package has got a new application and can be used for barbeque. The tray lifts the meat from the bottom of the package out of the meat juice.

When starting to grill, the food can be lifted from the package on the aluminium tray and placed directly on the grill. This makes grilling cleaner and easier. 


Insert for toilet bowl package

Manufacturer: Stora Enso Packaging Oy, Finland
Design: Mika Tuhkunen, Stora Enso Packaging Oy
User: IDO Kylpyhuone Oy

The user wanted to find an alternative for an EPS insert that was used for the protection of the toilet bowl’s upper part. The new solution is a one-component die-cut and slit-scored corrugated construction. It is delivered as flat blanks and can be erected and locked without glue. It can be easily designed in different sizes.

The solution saves costs in transport and warehousing and makes also recycling easier for the end user.


Shelf ready package for toothpaste tubes

Manufacturer: Glomma Papp A/S, Norway
Design: Ulf-Petter Lande
User: Lilleborg AS

The shelf ready package for toothpaste tubes was earlier a wrap around corrugated board solution. Now the plastic tray that is under the tubes is used as one wall of the construction. The corrugated upper part is attached to the tray by flaps. The package is opened by a tear tape that divides the corrugated board into two parts and the tray can be easily placed onto the shop’s shelf.

This is a well functioning solution by less material.


A package for fishing hooks

Manufacturer: Moltzau Plasttrykk AS, Norway
Design: M 8 Design and Moltzau Plasttrykk AS
User: Mustad

Mustad wanted to give its fishing hooks a stronger shop presence and a solution where the hooks would not get tangled to each other. The target was easy packaging and avoidance of PVC.

The new polypropylene package is a simple one piece construction plus a label. The hooks are placed separately and they are clearly visible but cannot be stolen from the package. The curved lines differentiate the packages from other more boxy solutions.



Manufacturer: Mercamer Oy, Finland
Design: Pekka Saarinen
User: Mercamer Oy

Here is a completely new product idea for the icy winter conditions when roads are slippery: a small amount of sand is packaged into a corrugated board shaker. By one package around 10 square meters can be sanded. The package can opened and closed several times, and also refilled. The box could be in a car’s trunk or by the doorstep as a “fist aid” package.


Photos: Markku Ojala